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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, The Mall, Chapter 8, Paris, and Chapter 9, Up the Projects.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Turner find hideous about machine dreams?
(a) That everything is horribly normal.
(b) The intimacy.
(c) Everything is utterly wrong.
(d) The vicious nausea.

2. How much time does Virek give Marly to finish her assignment?
(a) The rest of her life.
(b) The rest of his life.
(c) Until Virek spends his fortune.
(d) Until the creator of the box dies.

3. What does Turner believe he has too much of?
(a) A reputation.
(b) Team members.
(c) Accidents.
(d) Ammunition.

4. What is worst ramification of the Ono-Sendai being left plugged in?
(a) The cost of the electricity bill.
(b) Two-a-Day will not let him rent another one.
(c) It is possible they know he is not dead.
(d) They now have his address.

5. How is Marly's interview conducted?
(a) Via extra sensory perception.
(b) Via sensory link.
(c) By telefax correspondence.
(d) Video conferencing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who set up the landline?

2. Where does Turner have his flashback and vomits?

3. How can you tell if the medics in the portable neurosurgery are awake?

4. Where has Bobby lived all his life?

5. What does Bobby dream about?

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