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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 28, Jaylene Slide, Chapter 29, Boxmaker, and Chapter 30, Hired Man.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is revealed to have hired the Kasual and Gothicks outside Jammer's?
(a) Maas Biolabs.
(b) Hosaka Corportation.
(c) Euros on Park Avenue.
(d) Conroy.

2. What is Virek's lie to Marly?
(a) He was never ill.
(b) He actually owns Maas.
(c) Her contract is fulfilled.
(d) She was followed.

3. What has a special vertigo?
(a) Flying in a black Honda.
(b) Machine dreams.
(c) Falling from a cliff face.
(d) Playing Russian roulette.

4. Where does Turner meet Conroy for the first time?
(a) On an extraction job in New Delhi.
(b) In a Hosaka arcology on Honshu.
(c) In a Maas arcology in Arizona.
(d) On a Sense/net job in Mexico.

5. Why did Mitchell modify his daughter?
(a) She was naughty.
(b) She was terminally ill.
(c) It was in his contract.
(d) She wasn't smart enough.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Turner find hideous about machine dreams?

2. How is Turner planning to get into the mesatop to extract Mitchell unnoticed?

3. Which artist is responsible for Europe After The Rains?

4. What is the trademark on Marly's flashlight?

5. Who does Andrea think Marly should worry about the most?

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