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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10, Alain, Chapter 11, On Site, and Chapter 12, Cafe Blanc.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Virek hiring Marly for?
(a) As a caretaker for his collection.
(b) To find the maker of the box.
(c) As a babysitter for Paco.
(d) To find the lost Cornell original.

2. Why is Mexico City a good place to take Mitchell?
(a) Everybody has moved into orbit.
(b) Maas would have to be careful there.
(c) Maas can do anything they want.
(d) It is in international waters.

3. At what point does Girlvoice intervene and save Bobby from the loop?
(a) After his head exploded.
(b) When his bladder lets go.
(c) On the sixteenth second.
(d) When he sees the white light.

4. How can you tell if the medics in the portable neurosurgery are awake?
(a) The sound of the generator working.
(b) The lights are on.
(c) It bobs around when they move.
(d) From the smell of brewing coffee.

5. Why does Marly find the Japanese way of folding unique?
(a) It forms a bond stronger than super glue.
(b) She can't refold it after opening it.
(c) She can't open it at all.
(d) It can only be undone left handed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the most expensive thing Marly owns?

2. Who suggests meeting in the brasserie?

3. What is making Marly feel uneasy about her new job?

4. Where do Marly and Alain decide to meet?

5. What does Sense/Net give for free with a simstim subscription?

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