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Cyberspace - This shapeless environment is a separate reality where people can make their fortune or be killed by powerful intelligences.

The Projects - This place is built of self-sufficient high-rise living areas.

Barrytown - This suburb of New Jersey is the where Count Zero grew up and has a sweep of condos on one of its borders.

The Icebreaker Biosoft - This device allows those that use it to become portals to communicate with beings in the matrix.

Mexico - This place holds bad memories which cause Turner to vomit, but also becomes a place of romance and emotional recuperation.

The Sprawl - This place smells of soot, fresh plastic, and fossil fuels. From afar it has a pink glow and consists of a patchwork of domes.

Ahmed - This won't get you anywhere fast but it will usually keep you unnoticed, and while inside, the...

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