Count Zero Character Descriptions

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Turner - This character has no home, no family and lives a transient lifestyle. While this character has no hesitation in causing death, he feels human sympathy for others.

Bobby Newmark, or Count Zero - This character is ambitious but largely ignorant of the world and is underestimated by all the other characters.

Marly Krushkhova - This character acts on intuition in life and has difficulty in letting go of emotional attachments.

Turner's Agent - This character is secretive and largely unseen in the story but is responsible for saving Turner's life.

The Dutchman - This character is responsible for Turner's eyesight and genitals.

Allison - This character is responsible for deciding the mission readiness of Turner and to provide emotional therapy.

Christopher Mitchell - This character is not genuine in his achievements and has achieved their success with help from a mysterious source.

Conroy - This...

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