Corps 02: Call to Arms Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

W. E. B. Griffin
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Chapter I-V

• Kenneth McCoy is wounded in Shanghai, China and is returning to the states.

• The wounds are causing him problems but he will not allow the pilot to do more than replace bandages.

• Colonel Wesley is meeting with Lieutenant Rickabee to try to find a solution to the Colonel Carlson problem.

• Wesley is concerned Carlson's time in China has turned him into a communist.

• Weley implies that the Commandant has asked for help and Rickabee suggests McCoy for the job.

• Zimmerman and Kozonwski are two sergeants who have been assigned to deal with recruits in Brooklyn.

• Their job is to get the recruits to Parris Island and start their training on the way.

• Zimmerman understands about breaking a recruit down and rebuilding him into a Marine but can't do it.

• Ernestine Sage and Malcolm Pickering are at the Penn station in New York. McCoy is with them...

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