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John Perkins
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What would happen if the Euro surpassed the dollar?
(a) The United States would crumble.
(b) The United States would make money.
(c) Riots would break out.
(d) Nothing would happen.

2. What type of soldiers does Perkins say the United States fights with in Chapter 30?
(a) Child soldiers.
(b) Economic soldiers.
(c) Untrained soldiers.
(d) Highly trained soldiers.

3. What did Perkins' finally supply to Prince W. that led him to vote on Perkins' deal?
(a) He arranged for money to be transferred into Prince W.'s account.
(b) He arranaged for a woman to stay in Prince W.'s palace.
(c) Drugs.
(d) His word that the deal was honorable.

4. What was the Summer Institute of Linguistics?
(a) A group which helped convince natives to give their land to oil companies.
(b) A university program.
(c) A language camp.
(d) A camp to teach english to the natives.

5. Who is Shakaim Chumpi?
(a) An Ecuadorian and author.
(b) A militant.
(c) An Indian guru.
(d) Perkins co-worker.

6. What did Perkin's article, "Colonialism in Panama has No Place in 1975," suggest that Panama receive?
(a) The canal.
(b) A chance to run their own government.
(c) Military aid.
(d) Liberation.

7. Why did Perkins write this book?
(a) Out of guilt.
(b) Words have power.
(c) MAIN allowed him to.
(d) He needed a pay check.

8. How dependent was Perkins on his staff?
(a) He did not need them.
(b) At this point, Perkins had no staff.
(c) He would be nothing without them.
(d) They helped him occasionally.

9. What did MAIN build in Colombia.
(a) An army base.
(b) A massive hydroelectric project.
(c) A power plant.
(d) A canal.

10. Who is Doc?
(a) A Saudi rebel.
(b) An Iranian doctor.
(c) An American with a Ph.D.
(d) An American dissenter.

11. What does Perkins believe the new global empire stands for?
(a) Greed and Power.
(b) Money to those in need.
(c) Freedom and Liberty.
(d) Peace and Love.

12. What is oil based on?
(a) United States' currency.
(b) Pesos.
(c) The Euro.
(d) Rubbles.

13. What did Panama receive at the end of Chapter 17?
(a) A national park.
(b) A payment from MAIN.
(c) The canal.
(d) An increase in tourism.

14. How much of Ecuador's budget went to paying off debts?
(a) One hundrerd percent.
(b) Fifty percent.
(c) Ninety percent.
(d) Twenty percent.

15. Who is Yamin?
(a) A new employee at MAIN.
(b) The Shah.
(c) An angry militant.
(d) A subversive radical.

Short Answer Questions

1. Perkins was offered a new job under what condition?

2. What did conservatives swear at the end of Chapter 17?

3. Where did the United States invade in Chapter 30?

4. How much did MAIN pay Perkins to be a expert witness?

5. What effect did Perkins' article have on MAIN's business practices in Panama?

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