Confessions of an Economic Hit Man Fun Activities

John Perkins
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Newspaper Articles

Ask the students to collect newspaper or magazine articles on one of the following events: the riots in Iran, the hostage situation at the American Embassy, the rise of Chavez, or the fall of the Shah.

Extra Reading

Ask the students to read Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi in order to understand the lives of people in revolutionary Iran. Ask the students to present a report on the book to the class.


Ask the students to write a list of interview questions for Perkins. Have one person play the journalist and the other Perkins. Have the students present their interviews to the class.

Biography of the Author

Ask the students to complete a detailed biography of the author. The students can present their findings in the form of a class presentation, a written report, or a poster board presentation.

Locate Clips of the Author

Have the...

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