Confessions of an Economic Hit Man Character Descriptions

John Perkins
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John Perkins

This individual is the writer and narrator of the book.


This is the author's Iranian friend whom he met at Middlebury college. This individual is the son of an Iranian general.

Father and Mother

This individual is a retired military man and teacher at the Tilton school. This woman is also a teacher at the school.


This individual was the author's first wife.

Uncle Frank

This person worked for the NSA and encouraged the author to join the Peace Corps to dodge the draft.


This was the economic hit man who trained the author. This individual is very attractive and seductive.


This person was Vice President to MAIN when the author worked with the Peace Corps. This individual was Perkins' primary point of contact with MAIN and hired him as an economist immediately after he finished with the Peace Corps.

Howard Parker

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