Confessions of an Economic Hit Man Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Perkins
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Chapter 1

• Chapter 1

• Perkins discusses his upbringing.

• Perkins was raised by two teachers.

• His parents were not wealthy but still snobby.

• Perkins was accepted to Brown but made to go to Middlebury.

• Perkins dropped out of college.

• To avoid the draft Perkins joined the peace corp.

• After the peace corp, Perkins accepted a job at MAIN.

Chapter 2

• Chapter 2

• Perkins first assignment was in Kuwait.

• Perkins trainer was a beautiful woman.

• His trainer told Perkins the two objectives of his job were to justify large loans for less-developed countries and to bankrupt those countries that took the loans.

• By using corporations to ruin countries, the American government appeared innocent.

Chapter 3

• Chapter 3

• The United States wanted to lure Indonesia away from communism.

• MAIN's electrification project was designed to give America power in Indonesia.

• MAIN threatened Perkins not to reveal their policies.

Chapter 4

• Chapter 4

• Perkins saw beauty and devastation in Jakarta.

• Charlie...

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