Confessions of a Shopaholic Character Descriptions

Madeleine Wickham
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Rebecca Bloomwood

This character has problems managing money due to shopping habits.

Luke Brandon

This character, who owns Brandon Communications, is attracted to the protagonist.

Derek Smeath

This character, who is constantly after the protagonist, works at Endwich Bank.


This character was born into a wealthy family.


This wealthy character who was born in Scotland likes the protagonist.


This character shares a made up language with their sibling.


This character, who is the protagonist's boss, works at Successful Saving.


This character is a financial journalist.

Clare Edwards

This character is very efficient and earns money through freelance writing.

Erica Parnell

This character works as an assistant at Endwich Bank.

Martin Webster

This character is a friend of the protagonist's parents.

Janice Webster

This character believes the protagonist to be a financial expert.


This character hosts Morning Coffee.


This character is the...

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