Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady Character Descriptions

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Florence King

This is the narrator, author, and main figure in "Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady".


This was the author and narrator's relative who lived with her family.


As a child, the narrator believed this individual was trying to kill her until she proved her unconditional love by coming to her rescue twice.


This Englishman was the narrator's father who was a musician and bartender when he married.

Jensy Custis

This individual was a black woman who worked for the narrator's grandmother in Ballston.

Ann Hopkins

This individual was an overdeveloped girl in the narrator's sixth grade class who wanted to be assigned to 7A2 in order to be popular.


This was the narrator's biology partner in college and the first guy she dated.

Dr. Ralph Newton

This was a history professor in his late thirties who was the campus heartthrob.



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