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Prologue & Chapter 1

• In Chapter 1, Florence's Mama was born in 1908 and grew up on a dirt road in Ballston, and after her father died, Botetourt, her older brother left Granny and Mama alone.

• Never interested in creating appearances, Mama quit school at age 15, went to work for the telephone company and joined their softball team.

• Since she could do nothing about Mama, Granny searched for a surrogate daughter which she could make into a Southern lady, and she found this in her niece, Evelyn Cunningham.

• Evelyn had mental and female issues, and when Aunt Nana tried to send Evelyn to an insane asylum, she ran to Granny and stayed for two years.
• With her catatonic seizures and frequent disappearances, Evelyn became the most popular hysteric in Virginia, and the men were enthralled by her intense femininity.

• Only Preston Hunt, a man who was never manly enough for his father...

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