Composing a Life Fun Activities

Mary Catherine Bateson
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Patchwork Quilt

Choose one of the women in the book and create a patchwork quilt of their lives, bringing one of Bateson's favorite metaphors into a physical reality. Then, write up a short report of why you chose each of the piece included in your quilt, and how you think, overall, it represents the life of your chosen woman.

Newspaper Clipping

Bring in a newspaper or magazine article that reminds you of one of the women or scenes in "Composing a Life". Be prepared to discuss who, or what, this article reminds you of, and why.


Many artists have written beautiful poetry and music about their struggles with life and identity. Write a song (or poem) about one of the major themes in "Composing a Life". If you write a song, be prepared to sing it in front of the class. If you write a poem, be...

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