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Short Answer Questions

1. Who kills Doctor Martino?

2. Which of the following characters says, "The only way to feel alive is to do things you are afraid to do."

3. Which of the following events does NOT happen in the story "Honor"?

4. Which of the following purchases did the dead woman upgrade every year?

5. Of which of the following things is Louise afraid?

Short Essay Questions

1. On what image does Faulkner end the story "Crevasse"?

2. What material does Roger Howes use to pen his latest novel in the story "Artist at Home"?

3. How is Davy's life saved during a murder attempt in the story "The Leg"?

4. What is life like for Alec Gray after he leaves the Army?

5. How does Danny treat his mother in the story "Pennsylvania Station"?

6. Why does Hubert Jarrod feel as though he has been tricked by Mrs. King, Louisa's mother?

7. How does the Appalachian family treat the Confederate soldier and his servant in the story "Mountain Victory"?

8. Who is Dr. Martino?

9. Why does Alec Gray kill his commanding officer?

10. How do the townsfolk feel about Harrison Blair's hunting style in the story "Foxhunt"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the stories "Two Soldiers" and "Shall Not Perish," Faulkner plays with the contrast between the rich and poor during the Civil War. First, give a description of the way the poor families are portrayed in these two stories and compare/contrast this with the description of the rich families. Then argue which of these groups of people Faulkner sympathizes with more, and give at least two examples from the text to back up your argument.

Essay Topic 2

Faulkner decides to end his collection with the moving short story "Carcassonne." In it, the body and soul argue about the true form of death. First, describe both the body and the soul's argument as to what death truly is like. Then explain why Faulkner might have chosen to end his collection with this story, and how it unifies the collection as a whole.

Essay Topic 3

The moral of the story "Bear Hunt" is that the past can come back to haunt you. First, explain Lucius Provine's past. Then explain how it came back to haunt him. Finally, explain the lesson Lucius learned through his experiences on the bear hunt.

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