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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Hawkshaw's fiance die?
(a) From the pox.
(b) From the flu.
(c) From the plague.
(d) From the fever.

2. What shocking item does Emily Grierson purchase from the druggist in town?
(a) Mercury.
(b) Cyanide.
(c) Lye.
(d) Arsenic.

3. Which of the following metals is used to make the whistle in Flem Snopes' story?
(a) Steel.
(b) Gold.
(c) Brass.
(d) Silver.

4. Which of the following ailments does not befall the first pilot in the story "Death Drag"?
(a) His body develops a nervous tic.
(b) His voice goes mute.
(c) His stomach isn't able to digest food.
(d) His hair turns white.

5. Which of the following ailments plagues Lucius while he is out on the bear hunt?
(a) Hiccups.
(b) Sneezing.
(c) Shortness of breath.
(d) Coughing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hawkshaw do for a living in the story "Hair"?

2. How does the servant at the rich family's home treat Pete's family when they come offering comfort?

3. Which of the following about Indian culture does NOT embarrass the president?

4. Which of the following vehicles does Uncle Willy crash, killing himself?

5. When Doom wants to settle an argument between two men in his tribe, what engineering challenge does he create?

Short Essay Questions

1. What request does Pappy make of Doom when he returns to the tribe, and what is Doom's response?

2. What happens when Minnie Cooper attempts to leave her home on the day after the attack in "Dry September"?

3. What happens to Lucius Provine when he travels to the Indian reservation?

4. What of Hawkshaw's behavior do the townsfolk find unusual in the story "Hair"?

5. How does the father in "The Tall Men" cope with the surgery he must undergo before his sons are taken away from him?

6. Why are the investigator and the marshal at the home of two young boys in the story "The Tall Men"?

7. How is Sarty involved in his father's death?

8. Why do the Jefferson townsfolk pity Emily Grierson after her father dies?

9. Why is Abner Snope ordered to pay de Spain bushels of corn, and what is Abner's reaction to this order?

10. Whom does the desirable woman in "A Courtship" decide to marry, and how does she make her decision?

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