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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the Native Americans want to hold a trial for the chief's nephew in the white man's court?
(a) Out of respect.
(b) So he will be properly punished.
(c) Out of curiosity.
(d) Out of fear.

2. Which of the following ailments does not befall the first pilot in the story "Death Drag"?
(a) His hair turns white.
(b) His body develops a nervous tic.
(c) His voice goes mute.
(d) His stomach isn't able to digest food.

3. During what month of the year does Hawkshaw disappear from town for two weeks?
(a) April.
(b) August.
(c) March.
(d) December.

4. How does the servant at the rich family's home treat Pete's family when they come offering comfort?
(a) He is kind to them.
(b) He confuses them.
(c) He is angry with them.
(d) He is rude to them.

5. Who suggests that Lucius go visit the Indians to cure his ailment?
(a) Monroe.
(b) DuBoise.
(c) Ratcliff.
(d) Alexander.

6. In the story "Red Leaves," how many Indians are searching for the chief's slave?
(a) Eight.
(b) Four.
(c) Two.
(d) Six.

7. With whom does the president discuss "the situation" of the Indians near his quarters?
(a) The senate.
(b) His secretary.
(c) His vice president.
(d) His wife.

8. How did Hawkshaw's fiance die?
(a) From the pox.
(b) From the plague.
(c) From the fever.
(d) From the flu.

9. Whom does Res Grier take with him when he returns to work on the church in the middle of the night?
(a) His brother.
(b) His nephew.
(c) His cousin.
(d) His son.

10. What devastating fact does Pappy find out about the black woman he is in love with?
(a) She is racist.
(b) She is barren.
(c) She does not love him.
(d) She is already married.

11. Which of the following adjectives best describes Flem Snopes in the story "Centaur in Brass"?
(a) Helpful.
(b) Dishonest.
(c) Angry.
(d) Charming.

12. Of what crime is the nephew of the Indian chief in the story "Lo" accused?
(a) Vandalism.
(b) Blasphemy.
(c) Murder.
(d) Theft.

13. What about the little orphan girl Hawkshaw meets is unusually colored?
(a) Her hair.
(b) Her eyes.
(c) Her teeth.
(d) Her clothing.

14. What is the name of Abner Snope's only son?
(a) Smarty.
(b) Sarty.
(c) Party.
(d) Marty.

15. How much money does Mannie give to Snopes after she shoots his prize mule in the story "Mule in the Yard"?
(a) Twenty dollars.
(b) Fifty dollars.
(c) Five dollars.
(d) Ten dollars.

Short Answer Questions

1. What crop does the family in "The Tall Men" grow?

2. How old is Pete's younger brother when he decides he wants to join the Army?

3. Before he left the tribe, how was Doom treated by the rest of his tribe?

4. What type of snake bites the runaway slave in the story "Red Leaves"?

5. Which of the following metals is used to make the whistle in Flem Snopes' story?

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