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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Beyond stories.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is it about Paul de Montigny that makes him an unsuitable boyfriend for Elly?
(a) He is poor.
(b) He is uneducated.
(c) He is biracial.
(d) He is black.

2. With whom does the president discuss "the situation" of the Indians near his quarters?
(a) His secretary.
(b) His vice president.
(c) The senate.
(d) His wife.

3. In the story "Red Leaves," how many Indians are searching for the chief's slave?
(a) Two.
(b) Eight.
(c) Four.
(d) Six.

4. How old is Ira Ewing when he runs away from home in the story "Golden Land"?
(a) Sixteen.
(b) Fourteen.
(c) Twelve.
(d) Ten.

5. Before he left the tribe, how was Doom treated by the rest of his tribe?
(a) He was hated.
(b) He was often ignored.
(c) He was well-respected.
(d) He was greatly feared.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Res Grier take with him when he returns to work on the church in the middle of the night?

2. What event does Judge go to watch at the end of the story "Beyond"?

3. Which of the following events does Roger Howes use as subject matter to create his newest masterpiece?

4. Of what crime is the nephew of the Indian chief in the story "Lo" accused?

5. Which valuable is Grandmother Millard most interested in hiding in the story "Grandmother Millard"?

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