Collected Stories of William Faulkner Character Descriptions

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Colonel Sartoris Snopesappears in Barn Burning

This character is caught between love for a parent and knowledge of the truth.

Res Grierappears in Shingles for the Lord

This character is a poor farmer who accidentally burns the church to the ground.

Mr. Pearsonappears in The Tall Men

This character is an investigator with the war draft board in Jackson who has been sent to arrest two boys for not signing up for Selective Service.

Ratliffappears in A Bear Hunt

This character suggests that his friend go to an old Indian mound to cure his hiccups, and gets a beating for this innocent suggestion.

Major de Spainappears in Shall Not Perish

This character is the richest person in Jefferson, making a living as a banker and acting as a powerful politician.

Emily Griersonappears in A Rose for Emily

This character lives in an old Victorian-style house in Jefferson that...

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