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Book Cover

Draw or paint a book cover that you think would best represent the stories of Borges' "Collected Fictions." Think of the themes, plots, motifs, etc., to create an appropriate cover.

Short Story

Write a two- to three-page short story in the style of Borges.

The Student, Author of Menard

Take on the task of Menard himself, copy two paragraphs of the short story, "Pierre Menard, Author of Quixote." Is your "version" different than the real one? This is not an exercise in futility, a good way to appreciate an author's style and get into his head is to actually copy some of the writing.

Labyrinth Maker

With a partner, make a cardboard labyrinth to get a physical sense of one of Borges' favorite preoccupations.

Tlon, Uqbar, Fake Scholarship

Write a one-page account of a fake planet as if it were an encyclopedia entry, as Borges does...

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