Cold Sassy Tree Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Olive Ann Burns
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Chapter One - Two

• Grandpa Blakeslee asks Will to get his mother and his aunt and bring them to the store so he can make his announcement.

• His big announcement is that he is going to marry Love Simpson, the milliner in his store.
• Loma and Mary are shocked. Granny died three weeks earlier, and Love is far too young for their father and is a Yankee.

• Loma says she is afraid to lose her inheritance to this woman.

Chapter Three

• Will doesn't understand why his mother and aunt are so upset about the engagement. He knows his grandpa needs someone to look after him.

• Hoyt comes home and tells Mary that her father left in his buggy with Love to get married in Jefferson.
• Mary says Loma married Campbell Williams to make her father angry when he would not let her become an actress.

• Grandpa stops by...

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