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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What birds fly over the cemetery?
(a) A group of screaming vultures.
(b) Shrieking blackbirds.
(c) Whistling sparrows.
(d) Squawking ravens.

2. What flags does the library of New Svenborg have?
(a) The US and Danish flags.
(b) The US and Confederate flags.
(c) The US and Mexican flags.
(d) The US and Canadian flags.

3. What does Jim think madness is?
(a) A place of certainty above chaos.
(b) The essence of uncertainty.
(c) The only thing he can rely on.
(d) Feeling certain about sanity.

4. Why is The Enemy now able to come while Jim is awake?
(a) His subconscious is getting desperate.
(b) It has defeated The Friend.
(c) Jim has not had enough sleep.
(d) It is no longer afraid of the dark.

5. What sound invades the room while Holly speaks with Henry?
(a) Birds shrieking.
(b) The voice of Robert Vaughn.
(c) A deep rumble.
(d) The whoosh of a windmill.

6. How does The Friend manage to unsettle Jim?
(a) By warning them not to leave.
(b) It appears to them in human form.
(c) By telling them not to dream.
(d) It speaks to them.

7. Who is welcome in the library?
(a) Sailors and acrobats.
(b) Trapeze artists and gymnasts.
(c) Kids and adventurers.
(d) Jungle explorers and spacemen.

8. Why is Jim better than Superman?
(a) He can drive a car to its limits.
(b) He can see the future.
(c) He is not sensitive to Kryptonite.
(d) He knows Taw Kwon Do.

9. Why does Holly leave him alone?
(a) Jim is scared The Enemy will harm Henry.
(b) Jim insists he is not ready to see his grandfather.
(c) She thinks it will be good for him to have time to himself.
(d) She wants to interrogate Henry by herself.

10. Who wins the game?
(a) George.
(b) Stewart.
(c) Henry Ironheart.
(d) Thelma.

11. Where did Jim meet Mrs. Glynn?
(a) Zaccas Garage.
(b) The Handahl pharmacy.
(c) Tivoli Gardens.
(d) The library.

12. Why does the millpond never dry out or shrink?
(a) It is being fed by an aquifer.
(b) People regularly top it up with water.
(c) There is always enough rainfall.
(d) It is on top of an artesian well.

13. What is the first question they ask the presence?
(a) What is your name.
(b) Who are you.
(c) Where do you come from.
(d) Why are you here.

14. What does Mrs. Gwynn give Holly?
(a) A map of the town.
(b) A library card.
(c) An offer of employment.
(d) A fine for an overdue book.

15. How does the Ford perform with Jim at the wheel?
(a) Like a Porsche.
(b) Faster than a Ferrari.
(c) A tad slower than a Lamborghini.
(d) The same as any standard Ford.

Short Answer Questions

1. What realization drives Holly to flee the farm?

2. Why does Corbett suggest Jim's real name is Ironhead?

3. What reason does Jim give for Lena's death?

4. Why is there no warning sound when The Enemy appears in Tivoli Garden?

5. Why does someone with multiple personalty syndrome generate personalities?

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