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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the millpond never dry out or shrink?
(a) There is always enough rainfall.
(b) It is being fed by an aquifer.
(c) It is on top of an artesian well.
(d) People regularly top it up with water.

2. What almost breaks Holly's back in the pharmacy?
(a) A heavy container falling of a shelf.
(b) A cash register.
(c) A large shard of glass.
(d) The collapsing roof.

3. Which food has Holly not eaten since she was fourteen?
(a) Cheese twists.
(b) Olive loaf.
(c) Chocolate doughnuts.
(d) Packaged cheese slices.

4. Why does someone with multiple personalty syndrome generate personalities?
(a) To develop superhuman powers.
(b) To cope with fear.
(c) It is fun to talk to different versions of yourself.
(d) No one wants to be their friend.

5. Who is welcome in the library?
(a) Jungle explorers and spacemen.
(b) Kids and adventurers.
(c) Sailors and acrobats.
(d) Trapeze artists and gymnasts.

6. What finally convinces Jim that The Friend is not wholly good?
(a) It's familiar human voice.
(b) It arrives unannounced.
(c) A reference to Larry Kakonis.
(d) Holly's logic.

7. Why is there no warning sound when The Enemy appears in Tivoli Garden?
(a) The loud birds in the sky drown out the sound.
(b) The Enemy does not want to scare strangers.
(c) There is no time for Jim to use dramatic effect.
(d) The Enemy has decided to use the element of surprise.

8. Why is Holly now exhilarated?
(a) She realizes her commitment to Jim.
(b) She knows she is going to die.
(c) She is not scared of anything anymore.
(d) She knows what she has to do to win.

9. What separates the cemetery from the park?
(a) Overgrown weeds.
(b) A wrought iron fence.
(c) A moat.
(d) Electrified barbed wire.

10. Where is The Friend from?
(a) Ancient earth.
(b) The core of the earth.
(c) Outer space.
(d) The moon.

11. Why does Corbett suggest Jim's real name is Ironhead?
(a) The family was known for being hard headed.
(b) They family was known to be hot headed like an iron.
(c) Jim has a plate of iron inserted in his skull.
(d) The family became rich through mining iron.

12. What birds fly over the cemetery?
(a) Squawking ravens.
(b) A group of screaming vultures.
(c) Whistling sparrows.
(d) Shrieking blackbirds.

13. What does Holly uncover while speaking to Corbett?
(a) Jim's parents are still alive.
(b) Jim lied about his grandma's death.
(c) Jim is twice as old as he said he was.
(d) Jim's surname is not Ironheart.

14. Who is the first person Holly tells about her love for Jim?
(a) Her mother.
(b) A motel clerk.
(c) Jim.
(d) A convenience store attendant.

15. What does Mrs. Gwynn give Holly?
(a) A library card.
(b) A map of the town.
(c) A fine for an overdue book.
(d) An offer of employment.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was the movie filmed?

2. Where did the police find Jim after the slaughter?

3. What is Henry playing when Holly finds him?

4. How does the alien in the book make Jim forget about its existence?

5. Who will grow up to be a priest?

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