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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which desert is Jim driving through?
(a) The Great Basin.
(b) The Mojave.
(c) The Chihuahuan.
(d) The Sonoran.

2. What surprises Holly about Jim's house?
(a) The badly kept lawn.
(b) How ordinary it is.
(c) How needlessly large it is.
(d) How white it is.

3. Why is Holly surprised by the naming of Dojo?
(a) It sounds like mexican food.
(b) It is too generic for an Asian business.
(c) The name is hard to understand.
(d) She is impressed by its creativity.

4. Why is Bernice concerned about Holly?
(a) Bernice thinks that she will skip on the bill.
(b) She has stopped eating her pancakes.
(c) Holly is talking to herself in public.
(d) She looks like she hasn't slept in weeks.

5. Why does Holly believe in a god?
(a) She finds the alternative too grim.
(b) She relies on religion to solve her problems.
(c) She was raised by religious parents.
(d) Jim's miraculous rescue of the student at her school.

6. Why has Jim had so few women in his life?
(a) He finds them too intelligent and boring.
(b) He has never been smooth with them.
(c) He thinks they laugh too much.
(d) He is not physically attracted to women.

7. Who regularly snores in the office?
(a) Holly.
(b) Tommy Weeks.
(c) George Fintel.
(d) The lazy maintenance man.

8. Where has Jim overseas on his rescues?
(a) Once to Iceland.
(b) Twice to Japan.
(c) Twice to Austria.
(d) Once to Australia.

9. How do the passenger's react to the impending bad landing?
(a) They conduct an inflight mass.
(b) People get out of their seats demanding answers.
(c) They are surprisingly quiet.
(d) They all scream in fear.

10. What is a dork knob?
(a) A kind of ponytail hairstyle.
(b) An automatic gear lever in a car.
(c) Getting run off the road with a sideways impact.
(d) A car rolled onto its roof.

11. What has a bonding effect on strangers?
(a) A bottle of wine.
(b) A common odour.
(c) The closeness of airplane seating.
(d) The imminence of death.

12. Where is Jim almost shot by the biker's second shot?
(a) Right between the eyes.
(b) On the right side of his face.
(c) In the chest.
(d) Above the left knee.

13. What is Jim afraid of?
(a) People noticing how tense he is.
(b) The mean looking clerk who serves him at the airport.
(c) Flying.
(d) What was waiting for him in Portland.

14. What does Jim compare Susie's skin to?
(a) A shaft of Mojave sun.
(b) A peach.
(c) A haze of smoke.
(d) The inside of an eggshell.

15. Why does the earth not speak to us?
(a) It is angry that we use trees for building houses.
(b) It is too busy talking to the trees.
(c) Humans are not worth talking to.
(d) We are not intelligent enough.

Short Answer Questions

1. What unusual fact about Jim does Holly uncover?

2. What is chained to the roof of the motor home?

3. What type of car does Jim own?

4. Which dispatched criminal is Jim likened to by Sam?

5. Why does Holly keep her desk so tidy?

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