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McAlbury School

The destination in Portland where Jim saves a student and bumps into the person who will force him to confront his demons.

Our Lady of the Desert

The sight of stigmata here brings back the wavering faith of an old man.

Bougainvillea Way

On this road, in an unassuming house, lives a person of great psychic powers.


This place has a name that is both generic and unimaginative, and smells of stale incense.

New Svenborg

This place has discordant architecture with a slight Danish influence.


This old structure is both a place of solace and tragedy for the Ironhearts and sits atop an artesian well.

Handahl's Pharmacy

This place is a Danish style building that has the best soda fountain post 1955 according to Jim.

Svenborg Memorial Park

This place is adjacent to Tivoli Gardens and next to a cemetery.


This is the hometown...

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