Cold Fire Character Descriptions

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Jim Ironheart

This character is softly spoken and moves with an unusual grace while also possessing poise that is generally unshakable.

Holly Thorne

This character is determined and has occasional bouts of self deprecation. While never very good at deception, this character feels twinges of guilt and remorse when he/she lies.

The Enemy

This character is a membrane of wet, malignant animation; it crosses the boundaries between nightmare and reality.

The Friend

This character at first seems benign, but later reveals a petulant and argumentative nature.

Henry Ironheart

This character is wounded by grief that causes them to badly treat someone they love and has eyes that reveal a strong soul.

Lena Ironheart

This character's possesses psychic power and their death sends those that loved them onto separate paths of despair.

Viola Moreno

This character has flawless skin and an attractiveness that turns heads while having a...

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