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David Mitchell (author)
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The servers at Papa Song's graduate to the Golden Ark after how many starts of service?
(a) Twelve.
(b) Thirteen.
(c) Fourteen.
(d) Fifteen.

2. Ernie warns Cavendish to be careful, or else there is something put in what?
(a) His drink.
(b) His medicine.
(c) His toothpaste.
(d) His food.

3. What is the name of Eva's weekday host family?
(a) Van de Veldes.
(b) Van de Rigoues.
(c) Van de Weldes.
(d) Van de Courises.

4. What do the Valleymen keep in their leader's house?
(a) Icons of their offerings to the gods.
(b) Icons of their dead.
(c) Icons of their ancestors.
(d) Icons of their gods.

5. How is the plane that Isaac and Alberto Grimaldi are on blown up?
(a) By a suicide bomber.
(b) By a fuel tank mishap.
(c) With a suitcase bomb.
(d) With a surface-to-air missle.

Short Answer Questions

1. After seeing the killing of the fabricants, Sonmi decides that the fabricants need what?

2. What is the final blow that causes Frobisher to leave Ayrs?

3. What does Ernie use the phone to do?

4. Why dioesthe man throw the fabricant doll in to the freezing river?

5. How many times a year do the Valleymen trace to trade with the Prescients?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the "souls" that Sonmi and Hae-Joo get in Haumdonggil?

2. In the parlor of the madam, a serpent-like creature, what happens to Sonmi?

3. According to Hae-Joo, why is the Union going through so much trouble to save on fabricant?

4. How does Hae-Joo get Sonmi on the Golden Ark where she can see what is happening?

5. What happens when Frobisher goes to visit Eva at the van de Veldt's house?

6. How does the story of Zarchry begin?

7. What is the Honokaa Barter?

8. Who are colonists in Sonmi's world?

9. Why does Frobisher leave Ayrs?

10. What does Cavendish gradually recover after his apparent stroke?

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