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David Mitchell (author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, "Half-Lives: The First Luisa Rey Mystery".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one of the jobs that Luisa's father holds?
(a) A fire fighter.
(b) A paramedic.
(c) An emergency responder.
(d) A police officer.

2. Where does Smoke shoot Smith?
(a) In the neck.
(b) In the nose.
(c) In the temple.
(d) In the heart.

3. What does Adam call his cabin?
(a) His den.
(b) His retreat.
(c) His coffin.
(d) His safe haven.

4. Where are the Maori from?
(a) New Zealand.
(b) Tahiti.
(c) Galapagos.
(d) Alucian Islands.

5. What is Sixsmith's first name?
(a) Rufus.
(b) Roger.
(c) Robert.
(d) Rudy.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many days does Grelsch give Luisa to complete her expose?

2. What is the name of the ship Adam takes to the South Pacific?

3. Why does the Captain want the doctor to sail with them?

4. When Adam goes exploring, what does he stumble into?

5. Who is Sir Edward Elgar?

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