Cloud Atlas Multiple Choice Test Questions

David Mitchell (author)
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1. Where does Adam Ewing practice law?
(a) San Francisco.
(b) San Diego.
(c) Sacramento.
(d) Los Angeles.

2. What is the name of the ship Adam takes to the South Pacific?
(a) The Oracle.
(b) The Priestess.
(c) The Prophetess.
(d) The Seer.

3. What is Adam looking for in the South Pacific?
(a) A notary.
(b) A beneficiary.
(c) A trustee.
(d) A designee.

4. What country is Dr. Henry Goose from?
(a) Scotland.
(b) England.
(c) Ireland.
(d) Wales.

5. What is Dr. Henry looking for in the sand on the beach?
(a) Jewels.
(b) Teeth.
(c) Bones.
(d) Crabs.

6. When the Dr. Henry and Adam take an early morning walk, what kind of punishment is being given to a native?
(a) A hanging.
(b) A flogging.
(c) A burning.
(d) A beating.

7. Where do the doctor and Adam go on Sunday?
(a) University.
(b) Museums.
(c) Embassy.
(d) Church.

8. What name does D'Arnoq give the first natives of the island?
(a) Menthen.
(b) Maritari.
(c) Mahushu.
(d) Moriori.

9. Where are the Maori from?
(a) Galapagos.
(b) Alucian Islands.
(c) Tahiti.
(d) New Zealand.

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