Cloud Atlas Character Descriptions

David Mitchell (author)
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Adam Ewing

This character is a nineteenth century California notary, sent to the South Pacific to find the legatee of a will.

Henry Goose

This character is an English doctor, although he is really a conman.


This character first appears as a native who is being flogged on the Chatham Islands.

Robert Frobisher

This character is a young Englishman who is disowned by his father, kicked out of the University and has an army of creditors after him.

Vyvyan Ayrs

This character is the master of Chateau Zedelgheim, an aging and infirm composer, whose works are played and praised throughout Europe.

Jocasta van Outryve de Crommelynck

This character is the wife of a composer.

Eva van Outryve de Crommelynck Ayrs

This character is the seventeen-year old daughter who spends her weekdays with a family in nearby Bruges while she is in school, returning to the Chateau on...

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