Cloud Atlas Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

David Mitchell (author)
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Chapter 1, "The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing"

• The first chapter begins with Adam Ewing writing in his journal.

• Ewing is a San Francisco-based lawyer who travels to the South Pacific to find a beneficiary of a will.

• Ewing is stuck on an island while the ship he is on, "The Prophetess", makes repairs.

• Ewing meets Dr. Goose, and Englishman, searching for human teeth discarded by the resident cannibals to make dentures from.

• Ewing and Goose quickly find they have much in common and forge a friendship.

• Goose and Ewing decide to take a walk around the island where they encounter a clearing where a group of "natives" are engaged in flogging another native.

• The whipping is brutal, but the man being whipped glances up and smiles knowingly at Ewing.

• On Sunday, Ewing and Goose seek the local congregation, rather than partake of the carnal Sunday observances at the...

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