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Cassandra Clare
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who saves Will from the automaton when his Seraph blade dissolves outside the inn in Chapter 18: “For This Alone”?
(a) Balios.
(b) Mortmain.
(c) Armaros.
(d) Tessa Gray.

2. The name of Charlotte’s unborn child has been determined as what in Chapter 24: “The Measure of Love”?
(a) Charles.
(b) James.
(c) Johnathan.
(d) Will.

3. While Will reads poetry to Henry in Chapter 22: “Thunder in the Trumpet,” Henry spends his time scribbling down designs for what?
(a) A strength rune.
(b) A fearlessness rune.
(c) A wheelchair.
(d) A clockwork princess.

4. Jem’s bridal gift to Tessa is discovered by Will on his journey in Chapter 13: “The Mind Has Mountains.” What kind of pendant is on the necklace?
(a) Garnet.
(b) Ruby.
(c) Opal.
(d) Jade.

5. The sword that is offered to Will by Jem’s uncle in Chapter 24: “The Measure of Love” is inscribed with a name. What is the name on the sword?
(a) Cortana.
(b) Armaros.
(c) Nakir.
(d) Eremiel.

6. What is the name of Tessa’s brother who died in her arms?
(a) James Gray.
(b) Nicholas Gray.
(c) Nate Gray.
(d) Andrew Gray.

7. Where does Tessa have a scar from where she burned herself the day she told Will she was engaged to Jem, according to the narrator in Chapter 18: “For This Alone”?
(a) Her right hand.
(b) Her left hand.
(c) Her right temple.
(d) Her left ankle.

8. Whose poetry is Will reading to Henry when Charlotte enters the study in Chapter 22: “Thunder in the Trumpet”?
(a) Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s.
(b) William Shakespear's.
(c) John Milton's.
(d) Percy Bysshe Shelley’s.

9. Charlotte tells Jem in Chapter 13: “The Mind Has Mountains” that Henry is still insisting on naming their unborn child what?
(a) Henry.
(b) Gabriel.
(c) Buford.
(d) James.

10. Whose ghost appears to Will in Chapter 24: “The Measure of Love”?
(a) Tatiana Blackthorn’s.
(b) Jessamine Lovelace’s.
(c) Charlotte Branwell's.
(d) Tessa Gray's.

11. When Jem reappears in the novel as a Silent Brother, he tells Will that his staff was made by whom, in Chapter 21: “Burning Gold”?
(a) Mortmain.
(b) The White Sisters.
(c) The Dark Sisters.
(d) The Iron Sisters.

12. What creatures attack Will when he is slumped outside of the stable at the inn in Chapter 14: “Parabatai”?
(a) Killer worms.
(b) Werewolves.
(c) Vampires.
(d) Otherworlders.

13. In Chapter 18: “For This Alone,” the narrator compares Will to “Tristan watching across the Irish Sea for the ship that would bear” who back to him?
(a) “Isolde.”
(b) “Cassandra.”
(c) “Daphne.”
(d) “Hecuba.”

14. Jem makes Tessa a promise in Chapter 23: “Than Any Evil” that every year on one day he will meet her where?
(a) The London Institute.
(b) Buckingham Palace.
(c) Blackfriars Bridge.
(d) The Argent Rooms.

15. Who is the author of the novel Jane Eyre that is alluded to in Chapter 14: “Parabatai”?
(a) Charlotte Bronte.
(b) Gerard Manley Hopkins.
(c) Alexander Pope.
(d) Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of William Shakespeare’s plays does Will quote and then say is “Not one of the better plays,” in Chapter 24: “The Measure of Love”?

2. The poem “Adonais: An Elegy on the Death of John Keats” which opens Chapter 14: “Parabatai” was written by whom?

3. What book does Will leave outside of Tessa’s room as a gift to her in Chapter 24: “The Measure of Love”?

4. What novel does Will read to Tessa in her chamber in Chapter 23: “Than Any Evil”?

5. When Tessa transforms into the angel in Chapter 21: “Burning Gold,” her skin is said to turn gold and tear apart. From where Tessa’s skin tears, what is said to leak from the wounds?

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