Clockwork Princess Character Descriptions

Cassandra Clare
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Tessa Gray

This character is the protagonist of The Infernal Devices series. She is half-Shadowhunter and half-Eidolon demon.

Will Harondale

This character is introduced in the novel's Prologue at the age of twelve as a ward living at the London Institute. He left his family in Wales to go to the Institute because he believed he was cursed that anyone who loved him would die. He is secretly in love with his parabatai's fiancé in Clockwork Princess.

Jem Carstairs

This character is engaged to the novel's protagonist in the beginning of Clockwork Princess. He is a Shadowhunter and has been raised largely as an orphan at the London Institute.

Charlotte Branwell

This character is the head of the London Institute, having been appointed to this position following the death of her father, Granville Fairchild.

Henry Branwell

This character is married to the head of the London Institute. He...

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