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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bakul tell people who ask detrimental questions about India?
(a) Mind your own business
(b) I will check for you and find out
(c) No comment
(d) I don't know the answer

2. What helps Raja to begin to get better?
(a) Winter arrives and it is cooler
(b) He falls in love with one of the Misras sisters
(c) A letter from Hyder Ali Sahib and his daughter Benazir
(d) A new medicine brought by Dr. Biswas

3. When Bim and Baba return from Hyder Ali Sahib's house, what has happened?
(a) Aunt Mira has lost her mind and is running through the garden naked
(b) The cow has drowned in the garden
(c) Tara has run off with Bakul
(d) All of the roses have died

4. What language does Raja admire the most?
(a) Urdu
(b) English
(c) Spanish
(d) HIndi

5. How did Raja meet Hyder Ali?
(a) Hyder's horse ran over the boy
(b) Raja was swinging on Hyder Ali's garden gate when he reurned from a ride
(c) At a party at the Misras house
(d) Bim introduced them

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is sitting on the veranda while Raja departs the family home?

2. What is Bim's answer when Raja says he wants to grow up to be a hero?

3. What does Tara say she wants to be when she grows up?

4. How often do Bakul and Tara visit Bim and Baba?

5. What does Raja say as he is leaving for Hyderabad?

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