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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Baba play with before the gramophone?
(a) Pebbles given to him by Aunt Mira
(b) Checkers
(c) Chess
(d) Video games

2. What does Dr.Biswas ask Bim to do?
(a) His laundry
(b) Travel to Ceylon with him
(c) Allow him to move into the house
(d) Meet his mother

3. Bakul is waiting for them on the veranda. What music greets the sisters when they join Bakul?
(a) Bakul's transister radio
(b) Aunt Mira playing the flute
(c) Baba's old 78 records
(d) Country music from the Misras home

4. What does Bim give Baba by way of apology for driving him out of the house that morning?
(a) A new record
(b) An ice cream cone
(c) A cigar
(d) A new car

5. How does Bim use this old letter from Raja?
(a) To blackmail Tara
(b) To remember her brother's handwriting
(c) To remind her to pay the rent
(d) To remind her how angry she was when the letter came

Short Answer Questions

1. What instrument does Dr. Biswas play?

2. What goes wrong with Dr. Biswas and Bim?

3. How often do Bakul and Tara visit Bim and Baba?

4. Why did Baba refuse the new 78 records that Tara found for him?

5. What sort of birds begin their calls before daylight around the family's home?

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