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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The sisters remember playing in the sand and along the banks of what nearby river?
(a) Nile
(b) Ganges
(c) Mississippi
(d) Jumna

2. In her mind, what does Bim compare Bakul and Tara, the Misras, Raja and his family to?
(a) Family pets
(b) Enemies
(c) Roses
(d) Mosquitoes

3. What is the first discussion the sisters have that shows how different they are from each other?
(a) Growing up and things changing from when they were children
(b) What is today's weather forecast
(c) What is for breakfast
(d) When is Raja arriving

4. How was Baba different from the other children?
(a) He was very slow to progress and did not talk
(b) He could see into the future
(c) He was brilliant, a quick learner and early to walk and talk
(d) He was darker in skin color

5. How did the climate affect the children?
(a) They were active in sports
(b) They were energized to do anything to keep warm
(c) They spent all their time out of doors riding their bikes
(d) They laid around the house or on the veranda, too hot to play anything but word games

Short Answer Questions

1. What disrupts the neighborhood gathering?

2. What does Bakul tell people who ask detrimental questions about India?

3. What is Raja's favorite hobby at this time?

4. Who is sitting on the veranda while Raja departs the family home?

5. Where did Bakul and Tara meet?

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