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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What episode at school upset Tara's emotions so much she seem obsessed with one of the teachers?
(a) Two of the teachers fall in love
(b) A female teacher falls in love with Tara
(c) A teacher elopes with Sharma
(d) A female teacher was found to be having an affair with a local monk

2. Alone in her room that afternoon, what does Bim realize?
(a) She resents her family
(b) She loves her brothers and her sister more than anything, and she needs to forgive and make amends
(c) She really hates being a teacher
(d) She wants to leave home

3. What does she do with the papers?
(a) She burns them
(b) She confronts Bakul with them
(c) She gives them to Tara's daughters
(d) She throws most of them away, symbolically ridding herself of their hold on her

4. What does she say to Baba that upsets him?
(a) She wants him to start going to the office every day
(b) She does not love him
(c) She is breaking all of his records
(d) She is selling the family business and he must move in with Raja

5. What has happened to the Misras sisters' husbands?
(a) They have divorced the sitsers
(b) They have abandoned the sisters
(c) They have been lost at sea
(d) They have died

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bim do that evening to help calm her mind?

2. What language does Raja admire the most?

3. What is Bakul's solution to Tara's problems with Bim?

4. What did the boys say Tara looked like when her hair was cut off?

5. Where does Raja say he will go?

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