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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Bim go with the Doctor?
(a) To the river
(b) To bed
(c) To a play
(d) To a concert

2. What sort of climate did the children grow up in?
(a) Moderate, with four distinct seasons of snow, cool autumns, mild summers and pleasant springs.
(b) Bitter cold, in the mountains of India
(c) Tropic, intense heat and humidity during the summer
(d) On an island off the coast of India, breezy and warm

3. What does Raja say as he is leaving for Hyderabad?
(a) That he knows his true love is Bim but he cannot have her
(b) That he wants Bim to send his books to him there
(c) That he will never come back
(d) That he will return to care for Bim and Baba

4. Bakul is waiting for them on the veranda. What music greets the sisters when they join Bakul?
(a) Country music from the Misras home
(b) Aunt Mira playing the flute
(c) Baba's old 78 records
(d) Bakul's transister radio

5. What poet does Bim read to Raja to make him calm down?
(a) Sylvia Plath
(b) Byron
(c) Browning
(d) Maya Angelou

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Biswas recommend as treatment for Aunt Mira?

2. Why does Aunt Mira ask the chidren's parents for a cow?

3. Where is Tara spending all of her time?

4. In this chapter, who is Tara attempting to write a letter to?

5. Who is asleep on the veranda when Bakul, Bim and Tara return home?

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