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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tara ask Bim to do?
(a) Fix dinner for her and Bakul
(b) Attend the upcoming wedding of Raja's daughter
(c) Move away from the house
(d) Do her laundry

2. What is Raja's favorite hobby at this time?
(a) Watching cartoons
(b) Listening to records
(c) Stamp collecting
(d) Reading adventure books and acting out the hero characters

3. Why does Aunt Mira ask the chidren's parents for a cow?
(a) The milk they had been getting delivered was watered down
(b) It was cheaper than buying from the grocery store
(c) She wanted to murder a cow
(d) She wants a pet

4. What did her doctor describe for the mother to deal with her illness?
(a) Strict diet of fruit and vegetables
(b) Vigorous exercise three times per day
(c) Alcohol
(d) Walk in the garden every day

5. Who was called to care for Baba when the mother grew tired of him?
(a) Aunt Mira
(b) The cow
(c) Tara
(d) The cook

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens on one of these summer evenings that makes an impression on all of the children?

2. How often do Bakul and Tara visit Bim and Baba?

3. What does Bim claim they do not have enough of for Bakul, yet she pours it generously for the cat and for Baba?

4. How does Bim react to his interest?

5. Which neighbors do Bakul, Bim and Tara decide to visit that night?

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