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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Aunt Mira ask the chidren's parents for a cow?
(a) It was cheaper than buying from the grocery store
(b) The milk they had been getting delivered was watered down
(c) She wants a pet
(d) She wanted to murder a cow

2. What language does Raja admire the most?
(a) English
(b) Urdu
(c) HIndi
(d) Spanish

3. What kind of business did the Misras brothers have and lose?
(a) Auto repair shop
(b) Bar and Grill
(c) Ice factory and soda water business
(d) Car washing

4. What did her doctor describe for the mother to deal with her illness?
(a) Vigorous exercise three times per day
(b) Walk in the garden every day
(c) Alcohol
(d) Strict diet of fruit and vegetables

5. When Tara speaks of being young again, what is Bim's reaction?
(a) Bim remarks she would never be young again for anything
(b) Bim says she doesn't remember much about her childhood
(c) Bim says she would love to be a child again
(d) Bim says she envies Tara's childhood more than her own

Short Answer Questions

1. When Bim and Baba return from Hyder Ali Sahib's house, what has happened?

2. At what age was Aunt Mira widowed?

3. Who is successful and popular at school?

4. What does Raja say as he is leaving for Hyderabad?

5. What does Bim claim they do not have enough of for Bakul, yet she pours it generously for the cat and for Baba?

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