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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What trick does Posides play on the British guards at the copse?
(a) He pretends to be a Swamp Monster.
(b) He uses a woman's voice to mimic the Hawthorne Queen.
(c) He rigs a fake Heron King.
(d) He lets loose one of his own horses to divert the guards away.

2. What causes a rivalry between Narcissus, Pallas and Callistus?
(a) They disagree on whom Claudius should marry.
(b) They disagree on what to do with Messalina.
(c) They each want to be the palace guard colonel.
(d) They each want to be Claudius' principal adviser.

3. How do the people accept Nero as the succeeding emperor after Claudius?
(a) Bitterly.
(b) With surprise.
(c) Joyfully.
(d) With fear.

4. What is Messalina's plan as soon as the guards come to arrest the wedding party?
(a) To write Vibidia Vestal.
(b) To feign a headache in bed at the palace.
(c) To write Claudius a love letter.
(d) To head to Ostia with her children.

5. What ability gains Nero popular admiration?
(a) His sword fighting skills.
(b) Shrewd decisions in court.
(c) He is as good as any Spaniard in bull fighting.
(d) A persuasive oration.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the royal family keep Claudius' death a secret for a few days?

2. To whom do the people compare Britannicus during the Saecular games?

3. What happens to Claudius' family when he dies?

4. How does Claudius describe the first five years of his marriage to Agrippinilla?

5. How does Narcissus protect Claudius from Messalina's cunning ways?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the usual feelings about a solar eclipse by the public? How does Claudius get the populace to feel differently about it?

2. What deceit does Messalina play on Claudius and his army commander while Claudius is in Britain?

3. How might reinstating Mithridater to the Armenian throne help quell the alliance forming in the Near East?

4. What attitude does Claudius take on when he marries Agrippinilla? How does the public respond?

5. What is Claudius' view of religion?

6. What punishments does the court in Hell consider for Claudius?

7. How does Silius react to Claudius when they meet for his trial? Does Silius show malicious intent in his acts or as a victim of Messalina?

8. What is Britannicus relationship with his father? How does it change in the last years of Claudius' life?

9. How do the Senate and people react to Messalina and Claudius' separation?

10. What is the reaction of those in Hell when Claudius arrives? Why do they react this way?

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