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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the consensus of the people when Caligula dies?
(a) They fear Caligula's lapdogs' struggle for power.
(b) They are tearful that he is gone.
(c) They are generally apathetic to politics.
(d) They are happy his tyranny is at an end.

2. Why does Claudius want to build a harbor?
(a) Because Herod advised him to.
(b) To build a tourism industry.
(c) To strengthen the navy.
(d) To avoid famine.

3. In his first months, what are Claudius' top priorities?
(a) Financing reorganization and abolition of Caligula's harsher decrees.
(b) Planning a festival for his favorite gods.
(c) Meeting with the local people and getting on the same page as the Senate.
(d) Making the Jewish population happy.

4. Of the following classes listed by Claudius, which does Herod the Agrippa best fit?
(a) Scoundrels with golden hearts.
(b) Virtuous with stony hearts.
(c) Virtuous with golden hearts.
(d) Scoundrels with stony hearts.

5. How does Messalina get Silanus reinstated into Rome?
(a) By marrying her mother.
(b) By giving him enough land to be a lord.
(c) By giving him a consul position.
(d) By betrothing him to her daughter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Bericus run to for help?

2. How does Scribonianus meet his fate?

3. What stops the Alabarch from believing Herod's story when he and Cypros arrive in Alexandria?

4. What word does Herod prefer to describe himself?

5. Who is the first to speak up in support of Claudius?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Claudius' first trouble abroad? How does he handle the issue?

2. What are the differences between a punitive and conquering campaign?

3. Although Silas helps Herod many times over, how does Silas depend on Herod?

4. How does Herod run his kingdom? What examples show how he handles his power? Does he use it for himself or for the Jewish population?

5. How does Flaccus rationalize his need for Herod's advice? How does this resemble how Herod feels about himself? What does this say about the importance of family history?

6. How does Aristobulus revenge his brother Herod?

7. Herod seems to always be on the run, yet others predict Herod's future as powerful. Name these instances, who prophesies them, what they predict and how Herod reacts.

8. What does Claudius do to embarrass the amateur actors that performed under Caligula's rule? Why does he do this? What does this show about Claudius' character?

9. What is Claudius' intention when he brings up his past reputation of being the fool and imbecile to the Senate the eve of Scribonianus' rebellion?

10. How does Herod get Caligula to stop dedicating the statue of himself at the Holy of Holies in Jerusalem?

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