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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ayla become obsessed with while playing the bowl drum rhythms?

2. What game do Ayla and Durc play together?

3. Where does Ayla go when she realizes that no one will interact with her, once cursed?

4. Who argues with Broud about Ayla's behavior?

5. What happens when Iza goes out to get a root to help prevent miscarriage for Ayla?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ebra gives Ayla the first handful of fish eggs. Aga prepares a special dish for Ayla at the feast. Later, Droog gives Ayla some tools, along with the news of the upcoming mammoth hunt, hinting that Ayla may be allowed to go on the trip. Write an essay comparing and contrasting these three actions. How does each action show honor and respect for Ayla? How does Ayla respond to the actions? Which honor is most important to her? Why?

Essay Topic 2

When Ayla is cursed with death, Brun gives a eulogy for her stating she has more courage, determination, and self-control than Broud. On all of the following, use examples from the text.

Part 1) How is Ayla more courageous than Broud?

Part 2) How is Ayla more determined than Broud?

Part 3) How does Ayla have more self-control than Broud?

Essay Topic 3

Choose three things that Ayla considers tests from her totem.

Part 1) What are the tests? Describe the things that she thinks of as tests from her totem.

Part 2) In what ways do the tests challenge her?

Part 3) What are the rewards for meeting these challenges?

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