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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ayla try to kill with the sling and miss?

2. How does Brun feel about Ayla during the winter of Broud's constant abuse of Ayla?

3. What does Iza believe about Ayla's future?

4. Why does Droog allow Ayla to watch him make the tools for the mammoth hunt?

5. Why does Iza stop working while the women are winnowing grain?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Ayla embarrassed as the clan begins its journey to the Clan Gathering?

2. How do the women treat Ayla after she returns?

3. What does Broud envision about the combined cave ceremony and his manhood ceremony?

4. How does Ayla feel about the strange people caring for her?

5. What does Creb realize when he learns of Ayla's crime?

6. What makes the girl blindly rush straight toward the herd of wild cows?

7. What does Brun realize when he sees the hyena's wounds?

8. What does Iza speculate saved the girl from the cave lion attack?

9. Why does Creb take Durc to the other women for nursing?

10. What do the clan members believe about how babies are conceived?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay about three traditions or beliefs of the clan (e.g., bringing animals back to the cave, touching a weapon, non-acceptance of deformed babies, etc.). What purpose do these traditions or beliefs serve in the framework of the clan's culture? How does Ayla have difficulty conforming to these traditions or beliefs?

Essay Topic 2

What role do the totem spirits play in the lives of the clan? How do their beliefs regarding the spirits affect their acceptance of Ayla? How does Ayla challenge their beliefs? Write an essay about three specific points in the story where the totem spirits play a role.

Essay Topic 3

One of the differences between Ayla and the clan is her ability to conceive new innovations.

Part 1) What are some of the innovations that Ayla thinks of during the novel?

Part 2) What are the implications of these innovations? Do they influence the plot? How?

Part 3) How do Ayla's new ideas help her to survive? How do they threaten her survival in the strict structure and culture of the clan?

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