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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What concerns Brun at the Clan Gathering?
(a) He worries that Iza will die while they are gone.
(b) He worries that he will be killed by the cave bear.
(c) He worries that Durc will attract too much notice.
(d) He worries that his clan will lose their top status.

2. Who is the only other mother with plenty of milk for more than one baby?
(a) Oga
(b) Ika
(c) Aga
(d) Ebra

3. What does Ayla do to avoid watching other women nurse Durc?
(a) She starts weaving lots of baskets.
(b) She starts painting pictures on the cave walls.
(c) She starts training Uba to be medicine woman.
(d) She begins hunting again.

4. Who convinces Ayla to leave the cave after she is almost not admitted?
(a) Uba
(b) Norg
(c) Creb
(d) Oda

5. What do the men decide about Ayla's fate?
(a) The vote is tied and up to Brun, who wants to think about it until morning.
(b) They decide to let her live and become a hunter.
(c) They decide to condemn her with death.
(d) They decide to let her live, but she can never touch the sling again.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ayla decide?

2. Who does Ayla ask to protect Durc before she goes?

3. What does Creb find when he goes to his annex to break the death curse by changing the pattern of bones?

4. What is wrong with the drink Ayla makes?

5. How does Ayla keep track of the time during her curse?

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