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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens while the women are preparing the mammoth for the journey home?
(a) Brac wanders off and gets lost.
(b) A hyena grabs Brac and carries him off.
(c) Brac falls into the rushing stream and nearly drowns.
(d) Brac gets too close to the herd and is trampled by mammoth.

2. Where does the clan allow gestures of affection?
(a) In the boundaries of the fire only
(b) Only outside the cave
(c) Nowhere
(d) Anywhere

3. What does Ayla bring back to the cave?
(a) A wounded rabbit
(b) An abandoned baby wolf
(c) A special fossil
(d) A wounded cave lion

4. What kind of shelter does the girl's family have?
(a) A mud-covered hut
(b) A cave
(c) A wood frame house
(d) A hide-covered lean-to

5. Who is Brun's mate?
(a) Aga
(b) Ebra
(c) Ona
(d) Oga

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to convince the clan to start allowing Ayla to help Iza practice medicine?

2. What direction does the cave face, making it an excellent selection for the clan's new home?

3. Who is destined to be Broud's mate?

4. Why is Iza the leader of the women?

5. How do the clan members feel about Broud's abuse toward Ayla?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does everyone talk about instead?

2. Why does Broud have Ayla cursed?

3. Why do the mog-urs finally decide to accept Ayla and let her make the special ceremonial drink?

4. Why do the mog-urs of the other clans decide not to have the special ceremonial drink?

5. What is Creb's unique ability?

6. Brun wants Iza to leave the girl. Why?

7. What does Brun realize when he sees the hyena's wounds?

8. Why does Ayla become the center of attention after the first female sturgeon is caught?

9. Why are Brun and Broud and their mates relieved when they return to the cave?

10. What besides grief makes Ayla suffer?

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