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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What men stay behind to protect the cave?
(a) Zoug and Dorv
(b) Grod and Brun
(c) Creb and Goov
(d) Broud and Vorn

2. Why does Ayla take Uba to Oga for nursing?
(a) Iza is preparing for a cave ceremony.
(b) Iza's milk is drying up.
(c) Iza has been cursed with death.
(d) Iza is injured.

3. What kind of tools are women of the clan allowed to make?
(a) Not tools that are used to make weapons
(b) None - women are not allowed to make tools
(c) Only spear points
(d) Only tools used for foraging food

4. Why does Iza stay at Creb's hearth?
(a) It is her punishment for crossing the leader of the Clan.
(b) Iza must stay at her sibling's hearth because her mate has died.
(c) The Mog-ur and medicine woman in each clan always share a hearth.
(d) Her mate does not want her because she gives him no children.

5. What does Iza use for a medicine bag?
(a) A cow's stomach
(b) A pliable hide
(c) A bag made from flax fibers
(d) An otter hide

Short Answer Questions

1. What painkilling bark does Iza give Ayla for her fever and painful scratches?

2. What most influences the leader to let Iza help the girl?

3. What does Ayla want while the clan continues traveling?

4. What does Ayla decide to do with her sling while on the mammoth hunt trip?

5. Why does Iza decide to teach Ayla medicine?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the mog-urs of the other clans decide not to have the special ceremonial drink?

2. How do the women treat Ayla after she returns?

3. What does Iza fear will happen after she dies?

4. Why are Brun and Broud and their mates relieved when they return to the cave?

5. Why does Brun refrain from interfering in the battle of wills between Broud and Ayla?

6. What did Ayla realize when she kills the porcupine?

7. Why does Ayla become the center of attention after the first female sturgeon is caught?

8. What does the clan do with deformed babies?

9. Why do many of the clan think it would be better if Ayla lost the baby?

10. How did the woman in the legend have her deformed son accepted?

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