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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Iza believe her healing magic will work on the child of the Others?
(a) Her trainer prepared her for such a possibility.
(b) Her knowledge of healing includes different procedures for the two races of humans.
(c) Her mother had healed a man of the Others.
(d) The Clan leader demands that she try to save the child.

2. What does Brun do when Broud finally decides to rebuke Ayla for her insolence?
(a) Brun disowns Broud.
(b) Brun does nothing.
(c) Brun congratulates Broud for controlling his anger.
(d) Brun beats Broud.

3. Why does Iza stay at Creb's hearth?
(a) Her mate does not want her because she gives him no children.
(b) Iza must stay at her sibling's hearth because her mate has died.
(c) The Mog-ur and medicine woman in each clan always share a hearth.
(d) It is her punishment for crossing the leader of the Clan.

4. What does Broud offer to make Vorn?
(a) A bola
(b) A sling
(c) A spear
(d) A bow

5. What does Droog give Ayla?
(a) His hammerstone
(b) Some extra tools created when making his hand axe
(c) His toolmaking kit
(d) A bone hammer for finishing tools

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens while the women are preparing the mammoth for the journey home?

2. What does Iza believe about Ayla's future?

3. After Broud beats Ayla, what does Brun threaten?

4. Why does another lion chase the girl?

5. What does Iza use for a medicine bag?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do many of the clan think it would be better if Ayla lost the baby?

2. What does Creb tell Ayla about how she will know what her totem wants?

3. What do the clan members believe about how babies are conceived?

4. What is Creb's argument for not cursing Ayla for almost trying to force Brun to accept the baby?

5. Brun wants Iza to leave the girl. Why?

6. Why are Brun and Broud and their mates relieved when they return to the cave?

7. Why is the clan traveling?

8. Why does Broud have Ayla cursed?

9. Why does Brun put off a decision about mating Ayla?

10. How does Ayla feel after the animal attack?

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