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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brun do during the running, spear-throwing contest that helps his status?
(a) He makes it to the finals through sheer guts and stamina.
(b) He suggests letting Gorn rest before the final race.
(c) He tells everyone that Broud will win.
(d) He rushes the men to make the final race so that Broud will win.

2. Who dies in the earthquake?
(a) Durc
(b) Uba
(c) Brun
(d) Creb

3. What ceremony does Brun want to plan with the Mog-ur?
(a) A ceremony to mate Ayla
(b) A ceremony to make Ayla a hunter
(c) A ceremony to make Ayla a woman
(d) A ceremony to ward off evil spirits that might linger after the death curse

4. Why are the clan members surprised at Ayla's pregnancy?
(a) They do not realize that Broud has been sexually abusing her.
(b) They think she is too young.
(c) They believe her totem is too strong for any man's totem to overcome.
(d) They think she cannot get pregnant because there are no men of the Others around.

5. Where does Ayla go when she realizes that no one will interact with her, once cursed?
(a) To a nearby valley
(b) To a small annex at the back of the clan cave
(c) To her secret cave
(d) To the ocean

6. What do the clan members see on the way to the Clan Gathering?
(a) A mammoth
(b) A wooly rhinoceros
(c) A cave bear
(d) A cave lion

7. What kind of medicine does Iza suggest to Ayla?
(a) An herb to help Ayla keep the baby
(b) An herb to make her lose the baby
(c) An herb to make her more attractive to gain a mate
(d) An herb to strengthen her bones during pregnancy

8. What does Creb name the baby?
(a) Grev
(b) Creb
(c) Brun
(d) Durc

9. What does Ayla do that Creb finds unforgivable?
(a) She witnesses the sacred ceremony of the mog-urs.
(b) She pours out the extra liquid from the ceremonial drink.
(c) She has sex with a man from another clan.
(d) She touches a weapon at the Clan Gathering.

10. Who from Brun's clan is chosen for the Cave Bear Ceremony?
(a) Goov
(b) Broud
(c) Droog
(d) Vorn

11. What does Ayla do to avoid watching other women nurse Durc?
(a) She begins hunting again.
(b) She starts weaving lots of baskets.
(c) She starts training Uba to be medicine woman.
(d) She starts painting pictures on the cave walls.

12. What is the first kill Ayla brings back to the cave?
(a) Lynx
(b) Rabbits
(c) Deer
(d) Hyena

13. What does Brun threaten if they do not find Ayla before the naming day?
(a) He refuses to go the Clan Gathering if he loses face.
(b) He plans to make Ayla dispose of the child.
(c) He refuses to allow Ayla to hunt anymore.
(d) He plans to mate Ayla and Broud.

14. What does Creb do when he sees Ayla?
(a) He falls to the ground, fainting from fear of her spirit.
(b) He does not see her; he believes the curse is still in effect.
(c) He runs to his small annex to see if the curse is over.
(d) He throws his arm around her and hugs her in spite of customs about emotions.

15. Why does Uba have to spend a few days alone?
(a) She has a contagious illness.
(b) She has become a woman.
(c) She has a temporary death curse for touching Ayla's sling.
(d) She must pass the solitude test to become medicine woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Ayla secretly grateful to Broud?

2. What is Iza's final wish to the spirits before she dies?

3. What is one of Broud's talents?

4. What does everyone in the clan watch Ayla do that winter?

5. What angers Broud as the clan is preparing to leave the Clan Gathering?

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