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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Creb's last ceremony?
(a) The ceremony to make Goov mog-ur and Broud leader
(b) The ceremony to curse Ayla with death
(c) The ceremony to mate Ayla and Broud
(d) The ceremony to bury Zoug

2. What honor do Broud and Voord, the remaining of the three cave bear ceremony hunters have at the feast?
(a) They go to the spirit world with Ursus to speak with the spirits.
(b) They participate in the sacred ceremony usually only for mog-urs.
(c) They lead the dances.
(d) They offer a plate of food to Ursus.

3. Why does Ayla thank Brun?
(a) For treating her like an equal
(b) For allowing her to hunt
(c) For giving her a chance by making the death curse temporary
(d) For breaking the death curse

4. What happens when Iza goes out to get a root to help prevent miscarriage for Ayla?
(a) Uba helps Ayla rest and recover.
(b) Iza breaks her leg while she is gone.
(c) Ayla loses the baby anyway.
(d) Iza comes back sick from her consumptive lung disease.

5. What do the men decide about Ayla's fate?
(a) They decide to let her live, but she can never touch the sling again.
(b) They decide to let her live and become a hunter.
(c) They decide to condemn her with death.
(d) The vote is tied and up to Brun, who wants to think about it until morning.

6. What does the ceremony make Ayla?
(a) Servant to the Ancient Spirits
(b) The Woman Who Hunts
(c) An equal with the men
(d) The new mog-ur

7. What does Brun threaten if they do not find Ayla before the naming day?
(a) He refuses to allow Ayla to hunt anymore.
(b) He plans to make Ayla dispose of the child.
(c) He refuses to go the Clan Gathering if he loses face.
(d) He plans to mate Ayla and Broud.

8. What is one of Broud's talents?
(a) Calling the spirits
(b) Using the bola
(c) Making tools
(d) Leading the hunt dances

9. What ceremony does Brun want to plan with the Mog-ur?
(a) A ceremony to mate Ayla
(b) A ceremony to ward off evil spirits that might linger after the death curse
(c) A ceremony to make Ayla a woman
(d) A ceremony to make Ayla a hunter

10. How does Ayla come out of her depression?
(a) She knows that Broud can do nothing else to her.
(b) She realizes she is going to have a baby.
(c) She starts planning for the Clan Gathering.
(d) She starts hunting and collecting medicinal plants again.

11. What does Creb name the baby?
(a) Brun
(b) Grev
(c) Creb
(d) Durc

12. Who reminds Brun that Ayla is lucky?
(a) Zoug
(b) Creb
(c) Goov
(d) Droog

13. What angers Broud as the clan is preparing to leave the Clan Gathering?
(a) Everyone is talking about Ayla.
(b) He finds out that Ayla witnessed the mog-ur ceremony.
(c) Oda's leader asks if her daughter can mate Durc.
(d) Voord insults him for cheating in the races.

14. What is wrong with the drink Ayla makes?
(a) It is not enough for the ten mog-urs.
(b) It is too strong.
(c) It is too weak.
(d) It is the wrong color.

15. What fear encourages Ayla to keep going during her difficult delivery?
(a) She fears that Iza and Creb will not love her anymore.
(b) She fears the baby will be deformed.
(c) She fears that she will have to hunt for the baby herself.
(d) She fears the baby will die and she will never have another one.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Ayla cry after looking in a pool of water?

2. What does Broud refuse?

3. What does Ayla find to make her believe she made the right decision?

4. What does Creb find when he goes to his annex to break the death curse by changing the pattern of bones?

5. Who warns Ayla that she will die if she forces the clan to accept her child?

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