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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the men question Ayla, what does Broud realize with angry embarrassment?
(a) That if she had not watched Zoug that day, Brac would be dead
(b) That she will be dead soon and he will miss her
(c) That she is a better hunter than him
(d) That she witnessed him pushing Zoug and his punishment

2. Why does Ayla cry after looking in a pool of water?
(a) She is upset that Iza will not let her keep the deerskin she made during her death curse.
(b) She wants to have a baby.
(c) She realizes she is ugly to the clan and will never have a mate.
(d) She is exhausted from the tests sent by her totem the Cave Lion.

3. What does the ceremony make Ayla?
(a) The new mog-ur
(b) Servant to the Ancient Spirits
(c) An equal with the men
(d) The Woman Who Hunts

4. When Brun finds Ayla, what is wrong with her?
(a) She has an infection from failing to nurse her baby.
(b) She has been attacked by a lynx.
(c) She has gotten a consumptive lung disease.
(d) She has broken her arm.

5. What is Durc's totem?
(a) Cave Lion
(b) Wooly Rhinoceros
(c) Grey Wolf
(d) Roe Deer

6. What happens to Iza's bowl?
(a) It breaks.
(b) One of the mog-urs steps on it.
(c) It is lost.
(d) Another medicine woman steals it.

7. What is wrong with the drink Ayla makes?
(a) It is the wrong color.
(b) It is not enough for the ten mog-urs.
(c) It is too strong.
(d) It is too weak.

8. How does Ayla come out of her depression?
(a) She realizes she is going to have a baby.
(b) She starts planning for the Clan Gathering.
(c) She knows that Broud can do nothing else to her.
(d) She starts hunting and collecting medicinal plants again.

9. What does Ayla find to make her believe she made the right decision?
(a) A piece of iron pyrite
(b) A small fossilized sea animal
(c) A piece of red ochre
(d) A cave lion track

10. What honor do Broud and Voord, the remaining of the three cave bear ceremony hunters have at the feast?
(a) They participate in the sacred ceremony usually only for mog-urs.
(b) They go to the spirit world with Ursus to speak with the spirits.
(c) They lead the dances.
(d) They offer a plate of food to Ursus.

11. Why does Vond come to Brun's clan?
(a) He wants to tell Brun his clan moved to a new cave.
(b) He wants to mate Ayla.
(c) He wants to tell Ayla that the man she saved at the Clan Gathering was walking again.
(d) He wants to get advice and medicine for his sick mother.

12. What does Creb name the baby?
(a) Creb
(b) Grev
(c) Durc
(d) Brun

13. How does Creb begin the ceremony?
(a) By having Ayla make a drink from datura
(b) By invoking the totems to explain his attempts to make the Cave Lion happy
(c) By invoking the ancient female spirits
(d) By taking Ayla in the special place the men usually have ceremonies

14. What does Iza tell Creb about Ayla?
(a) Ayla is weak from the birth and not expected to live.
(b) Ayla is hiding.
(c) Ayla is lost.
(d) Ayla is burying the baby.

15. What happens to help reconcile Ayla and Creb?
(a) Ayla has her nightmare about the cave lion attack.
(b) Durc gets hurt.
(c) Durc uses his word for Mama in front of Creb.
(d) Ayla has her nightmare about the earthquake.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Brun hesitate to give Ayla the death curse right away?

2. What does Brun do during the running, spear-throwing contest that helps his status?

3. What does Ayla do that Creb finds unforgivable?

4. Who in the clan was also born deformed and allowed to live?

5. What does Uba deliver?

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