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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ayla decide?
(a) She decides to stay in the cave alone.
(b) She decides to go away and try to find a new cave and new people.
(c) She decides to give the baby up.
(d) She decides to go back before the naming day and ask forgiveness.

2. Who argues with Broud about Ayla's behavior?
(a) Droog
(b) Zoug
(c) Goov
(d) Creb

3. Who does Ayla say she missed while she was gone to break the tension?
(a) Zoug
(b) Creb
(c) Brac
(d) Broud

4. Who convinces Ayla to leave the cave after she is almost not admitted?
(a) Norg
(b) Uba
(c) Oda
(d) Creb

5. What does everyone in the clan watch Ayla do that winter?
(a) They watch across the hearth boundaries as Ayla goes to bed for the rest of her pregnancy.
(b) They watch as Ayla makes special clothes for her expected baby.
(c) They watch as Ayla forgets her difficult pregnancy to nurse Iza back to health.
(d) They watch as Ayla struggles to decide on a mate.

6. What do the clan members see on the way to the Clan Gathering?
(a) A wooly rhinoceros
(b) A mammoth
(c) A cave lion
(d) A cave bear

7. Why does Ayla cry after looking in a pool of water?
(a) She wants to have a baby.
(b) She is exhausted from the tests sent by her totem the Cave Lion.
(c) She is upset that Iza will not let her keep the deerskin she made during her death curse.
(d) She realizes she is ugly to the clan and will never have a mate.

8. Who reminds Brun that Ayla is lucky?
(a) Zoug
(b) Creb
(c) Goov
(d) Droog

9. What is Creb's last ceremony?
(a) The ceremony to curse Ayla with death
(b) The ceremony to bury Zoug
(c) The ceremony to make Goov mog-ur and Broud leader
(d) The ceremony to mate Ayla and Broud

10. What happens to Iza's bowl?
(a) Another medicine woman steals it.
(b) One of the mog-urs steps on it.
(c) It is lost.
(d) It breaks.

11. Who from Brun's clan is chosen for the Cave Bear Ceremony?
(a) Broud
(b) Vorn
(c) Droog
(d) Goov

12. What instruction does Ayla get during her womanhood curse?
(a) Ways to avoid men who might want to pester her
(b) Who she should mate
(c) Where to go when Broud becomes leader
(d) Everything she needs to know about being a woman

13. Who is the only other mother with plenty of milk for more than one baby?
(a) Ika
(b) Ebra
(c) Aga
(d) Oga

14. What does Ayla do to avoid watching other women nurse Durc?
(a) She begins hunting again.
(b) She starts painting pictures on the cave walls.
(c) She starts training Uba to be medicine woman.
(d) She starts weaving lots of baskets.

15. What does Broud refuse?
(a) To have Durc move to his hearth
(b) To let Oga nurse Durc
(c) To let Oga leave his hearth
(d) To let Ayla touch his sons

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to help reconcile Ayla and Creb?

2. Who in the clan was also born deformed and allowed to live?

3. What honor do Broud and Voord, the remaining of the three cave bear ceremony hunters have at the feast?

4. How long does Brun decide to make the death curse?

5. Why does Ayla thank Brun?

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