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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ayla decide she would rather do than leave, like Iza suggested?
(a) She would rather be Broud's mate than leave.
(b) She would rather have her own hearth than leave.
(c) She would rather keep Creb alive a few more years than leave.
(d) She would rather be second woman to Vorn than leave.

2. What does Ayla do to prepare the ceremonial drink?
(a) She slices the roots into tiny pieces with a knife.
(b) She boils the roots, making a strong tea.
(c) She pounds the roots with a pestle and mortar.
(d) She chews the root and spits the pulp into a bowl of water.

3. What does Ayla do that Creb finds unforgivable?
(a) She touches a weapon at the Clan Gathering.
(b) She witnesses the sacred ceremony of the mog-urs.
(c) She pours out the extra liquid from the ceremonial drink.
(d) She has sex with a man from another clan.

4. What does Creb do when he sees Ayla?
(a) He throws his arm around her and hugs her in spite of customs about emotions.
(b) He falls to the ground, fainting from fear of her spirit.
(c) He does not see her; he believes the curse is still in effect.
(d) He runs to his small annex to see if the curse is over.

5. What is Creb's last ceremony?
(a) The ceremony to bury Zoug
(b) The ceremony to mate Ayla and Broud
(c) The ceremony to make Goov mog-ur and Broud leader
(d) The ceremony to curse Ayla with death

6. Who becomes Uba's mate?
(a) Goov
(b) Grod
(c) Borg
(d) Vorn

7. What does Uba deliver?
(a) A deformed baby missing arms and legs
(b) A healty baby girl
(c) A heathy baby boy
(d) A deformed, stillborn set of conjoined twins

8. What does Creb "remind" the men about the clan's ancient past?
(a) The cave bear and the cave lion females hunt.
(b) Women used to hunt while men protected the young.
(c) Women once hunted as well as men.
(d) The totem spirits are the only spirits the clan has ever had.

9. What does Ayla do during the cave bear ceremony?
(a) She uses her sling on the bear.
(b) She rushes into the battle to apply a tourniquet to a wounded hunter.
(c) She picks up a spear to help kill the bear.
(d) She mourns for the fallen hunter.

10. Who dies in the earthquake?
(a) Creb
(b) Brun
(c) Durc
(d) Uba

11. What is the bad news after the baby is born?
(a) The baby is a girl.
(b) The baby is deformed.
(c) The baby is stillborn.
(d) The baby is a boy.

12. What is wrong with the drink Ayla makes?
(a) It is not enough for the ten mog-urs.
(b) It is too strong.
(c) It is too weak.
(d) It is the wrong color.

13. What game do Ayla and Durc play together?
(a) A game of stacking rocks
(b) A game of throwing spears
(c) A game of making sounds
(d) A game of pretending they are mates

14. What do the clan members see on the way to the Clan Gathering?
(a) A wooly rhinoceros
(b) A mammoth
(c) A cave lion
(d) A cave bear

15. What does Creb find when he goes to his annex to break the death curse by changing the pattern of bones?
(a) The Cave Lion spirit shows himself and tells Creb to make Ayla a hunter.
(b) Rodents have taken over the annex.
(c) The curse has already been broken.
(d) The curse is still in effect.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Iza's bowl?

2. Why does Ayla thank Brun?

3. What is Durc's totem?

4. Who does Broud make his second-in-command?

5. What does Iza tell Creb about Ayla?

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