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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Broud's totem?
(a) Cave Bear
(b) Cave Lion
(c) Wooly Rhinoceros
(d) Wooly Mammoth

2. Why does Brun reprimand Broud in the clearing?
(a) For being lazy
(b) For lashing out at Zoug in anger
(c) For trying to teach Vorn to use the sling
(d) For messing up the ceremony

3. Why does Oga stop being friends with Ayla?
(a) Oga will be mated to Broud, and Oga can see that Broud hates Ayla.
(b) Oga decides that Ayla is too tall and ugly.
(c) Brun makes her stop befriending the child of the Others.
(d) Oga realizes that Ayla is much younger than her, even though they are the same size.

4. Why does Iza take Ayla to the other women?
(a) She must collect the sacred roots for the ceremony.
(b) Brun does not want Iza to get too attached to the child of the Others.
(c) She must see the Mog-ur to prepare for the ceremony.
(d) She is worried Ayla will not be accepted.

5. When is the book set?
(a) Less than 1,000 years ago
(b) More than 50,000 years ago
(c) Less than 6,000 years ago
(d) At least 25,000 years ago

6. Why does Creb reprimand Ayla?
(a) Ayla is drawing counting marks in the sand.
(b) Ayla is pestering Iza too much.
(c) Ayla is being lazy.
(d) Ayla is being discourteous by looking at other people's conversations.

7. What painkilling bark does Iza give Ayla for her fever and painful scratches?
(a) Oak
(b) Willow
(c) Cinnamon
(d) Cherry

8. What does Iza use for a medicine bag?
(a) An otter hide
(b) A pliable hide
(c) A cow's stomach
(d) A bag made from flax fibers

9. How long does the girl stay in the cave?
(a) A week
(b) All day, that night, and most of the next day
(c) Three days
(d) A month

10. What does Creb find in the cave that seals the Clan's acceptance of the space as their new home?
(a) The skull of the cave bear
(b) A spring of clean water
(c) Hyena droppings
(d) Roe deer bones

11. How do the clan members differ from the girl?
(a) They have long, thin bones that make them tall and thin.
(b) They have tall, long foreheads with lots of blond hair.
(c) They have slight but powerful muscles.
(d) They have a short, thick neck that supports their long, large flat heads.

12. How many members does the clan have after losing some in the earthquake?
(a) Twelve
(b) Twenty
(c) Fifty
(d) Six

13. How does Ayla believe she has made the right decision about learning to hunt?
(a) She finds a strange fossil, which she believes is a sign from her totem.
(b) She has a vision from Ursus.
(c) She finds an abandoned wolf pup, which reminds her of the delicate balance of life.
(d) She tells Creb, and he agrees with her rationalization.

14. Why is Iza the leader of the women?
(a) She is medicine woman.
(b) She is the oldest woman.
(c) She is the leader's sibling.
(d) She is the leader's mate.

15. What does Ayla do wrong when Broud hits her?
(a) She leaves.
(b) She hits back.
(c) She gets his tea quickly.
(d) She cries out.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the lion's claws mark the girl with four parallel gashes?

2. How do the clan members feel about Broud's abuse toward Ayla?

3. Why does Creb have an ideal location in the cave?

4. What does Broud offer to make Vorn?

5. What does Broud have to do to prove he is now a man?

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