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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Creb have an ideal location in the cave?
(a) Because of his deformities
(b) Because his sibling is medicine woman
(c) Because he has arthritis
(d) Because of his unique position in the clan's hierarchy

2. Why does Iza believe her healing magic will work on the child of the Others?
(a) Her knowledge of healing includes different procedures for the two races of humans.
(b) The Clan leader demands that she try to save the child.
(c) Her trainer prepared her for such a possibility.
(d) Her mother had healed a man of the Others.

3. How do the clan members differ from the girl?
(a) They have slight but powerful muscles.
(b) They have a short, thick neck that supports their long, large flat heads.
(c) They have tall, long foreheads with lots of blond hair.
(d) They have long, thin bones that make them tall and thin.

4. Why does Brun reprimand Broud?
(a) Broud is being lazy.
(b) Broud is beating Vorn.
(c) Broud is pestering the women too much.
(d) Broud is taunting Ayla.

5. What does Ayla find while exploring?
(a) A perfect cave for the clan
(b) A herd of easy prey for the hunters
(c) A dead cave lion
(d) Another one of the Others

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the clan allow gestures of affection?

2. What does Grod bring to help with the examination of the cave?

3. What had Brun planned to do to with Iza before she rescued Ayla?

4. Who is Broud and Oga's son?

5. Who is the Clan's spiritual leader?

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