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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does everyone in the clan watch Ayla do that winter?
(a) They watch as Ayla makes special clothes for her expected baby.
(b) They watch as Ayla forgets her difficult pregnancy to nurse Iza back to health.
(c) They watch as Ayla struggles to decide on a mate.
(d) They watch across the hearth boundaries as Ayla goes to bed for the rest of her pregnancy.

2. What does Brun do when Broud finally decides to rebuke Ayla for her insolence?
(a) Brun beats Broud.
(b) Brun does nothing.
(c) Brun congratulates Broud for controlling his anger.
(d) Brun disowns Broud.

3. Why does Creb want Brun to reconsider his decision?
(a) Creb worries that cursing Ayla will anger the spirits.
(b) Creb is deformed and Ayla's role model.
(c) Creb worries that they will be without a medicine woman soon if Ayla dies.
(d) Creb argues that Ayla will take pieces of Brac's and Ona's spirit with her if she dies.

4. How does Ayla believe she has made the right decision about learning to hunt?
(a) She has a vision from Ursus.
(b) She tells Creb, and he agrees with her rationalization.
(c) She finds a strange fossil, which she believes is a sign from her totem.
(d) She finds an abandoned wolf pup, which reminds her of the delicate balance of life.

5. What does Iza believe about Ayla's future?
(a) She believes that Ayla will have no status because she is ugly and will not have a mate.
(b) She believes that Ayla will leave the clan when Broud becomes leader.
(c) She believes that Ayla will be one of the best medicine women because she has a gift.
(d) She believes that Ayla will be mated to a clan leader.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ayla act towards Broud after the beating?

2. Why does Brun reprimand Broud?

3. What does Ayla remember Zoug saying about killing animals that are meat eaters?

4. What instruction does Ayla get during her womanhood curse?

5. Who convinces Ayla to leave the cave after she is almost not admitted?

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