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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had Brun planned to do to with Iza before she rescued Ayla?
(a) Give her to Broud
(b) Have the Mog-ur provide for her
(c) Take her and her baby to his own hearth
(d) Give her to Grod

2. What does Ayla do to prepare the ceremonial drink?
(a) She pounds the roots with a pestle and mortar.
(b) She boils the roots, making a strong tea.
(c) She slices the roots into tiny pieces with a knife.
(d) She chews the root and spits the pulp into a bowl of water.

3. Why does Iza stay at Creb's hearth?
(a) The Mog-ur and medicine woman in each clan always share a hearth.
(b) It is her punishment for crossing the leader of the Clan.
(c) Her mate does not want her because she gives him no children.
(d) Iza must stay at her sibling's hearth because her mate has died.

4. What does everyone in the clan watch Ayla do that winter?
(a) They watch as Ayla forgets her difficult pregnancy to nurse Iza back to health.
(b) They watch across the hearth boundaries as Ayla goes to bed for the rest of her pregnancy.
(c) They watch as Ayla makes special clothes for her expected baby.
(d) They watch as Ayla struggles to decide on a mate.

5. What men stay behind to protect the cave?
(a) Creb and Goov
(b) Broud and Vorn
(c) Zoug and Dorv
(d) Grod and Brun

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ayla believe she has made the right decision about learning to hunt?

2. Who is the leader of the Clan?

3. How does Iza transport the unconscious girl?

4. What does Ayla become obsessed with while playing the bowl drum rhythms?

5. Why does Ayla cry after looking in a pool of water?

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