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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Oga stop being friends with Ayla?
(a) Oga will be mated to Broud, and Oga can see that Broud hates Ayla.
(b) Oga decides that Ayla is too tall and ugly.
(c) Brun makes her stop befriending the child of the Others.
(d) Oga realizes that Ayla is much younger than her, even though they are the same size.

2. What ceremony does Brun hope to include in the cave ceremony celebration?
(a) The ceremony to make Ayla one of the clan
(b) The ceremony to make Grod new Mog-ur
(c) Broud's manhood ceremony
(d) The ceremony to mate Iza and Creb

3. Why does Iza stop working while the women are winnowing grain?
(a) Creb wants her to save her energy for a ceremony.
(b) She is dying.
(c) She must tend to a sick child.
(d) She goes into labor.

4. Why does Droog allow Ayla to watch him make the tools for the mammoth hunt?
(a) Creb suggests to him that she would make Droog a good mate.
(b) He believes her presence will bring him luck.
(c) He wants her to be available to get him water if he needs it.
(d) He wants to spite Broud, whose comments about old men have made Droog angry.

5. What happens while the clan is herding the fish into the net?
(a) A sturgeon drags Brun out to sea.
(b) A predator snatches one of the toddlers from the beach.
(c) Uba finds Ayla's sling.
(d) Ona loses her footing and gets swept out to sea.

Short Answer Questions

1. What direction does the cave face, making it an excellent selection for the clan's new home?

2. What does Grod bring to help with the examination of the cave?

3. What does Droog give Ayla?

4. Why does Creb reprimand Ayla?

5. What kind of tools are women of the clan allowed to make?

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