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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Brun decide to hunt mammoth, even though it is a risky undertaking?
(a) His lucky clan can afford the luxury of taking some time off to hunt mammoth.
(b) He wants to present mammoth gifts to the Clan Gathering host.
(c) He wants to stockpile food for the winter following the Clan Gathering.
(d) His hunters spy mammoth traveling farther south than usual.

2. What men stay behind to protect the cave?
(a) Zoug and Dorv
(b) Creb and Goov
(c) Grod and Brun
(d) Broud and Vorn

3. What does Iza give Ayla before the mammoth hunt?
(a) A special carrying basket
(b) An amulet
(c) Her own otter-skin medicine bag
(d) A new wrap

4. Why does Creb reprimand Ayla?
(a) Ayla is pestering Iza too much.
(b) Ayla is being lazy.
(c) Ayla is being discourteous by looking at other people's conversations.
(d) Ayla is drawing counting marks in the sand.

5. What does Creb name the baby?
(a) Grev
(b) Brun
(c) Durc
(d) Creb

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Brun hesitate to give Ayla the death curse right away?

2. Why does Creb want Brun to reconsider his decision?

3. What does Ayla do first when she sees Brun?

4. Why does Iza stop working while the women are winnowing grain?

5. Why does Brun reprimand Broud?

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