The Clan of the Cave Bear Fun Activities

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Stone Age Fashion Show

Create clan costumes from recycled materials (such as plastic or paper bags). Have a stone-age fashion show.

Poem about Loneliness

Write a poem expressing Ayla's loneliness during her first, temporary death curse.

Poem about Anger

Write a poem expressing Broud's anger and hatred toward Ayla.


Make a diorama of the clan's cave. Make sure to include several details described in the text.

Meadow Picture

Draw a sketch of the meadow where Ayla practices her sling.

Clan Gathering Word Find

Make a Clan Gathering word find. Include words, characters, and activities from the Clan Gathering. Trade your word find with another student in the class and see how you do.

Trail Map

Draw a trail map for the trail Ayla takes from the clan's cave to her secret hiding cave. Make sure to include the landmarks mentioned in the text. You can also mark...

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