The Clan of the Cave Bear Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• While a five-year-old girl plays and swims, an earthquake strikes, swallowing up her family and home.

• The terrified girl runs away, following the river and drinking when thirsty or hungry.

• The girl covers herself with dirt to keep warm at night, but sleeps poorly from the nightmares of the remembered earthquake.

• The girl stumbles across a cave lion, and scrambles to a small hole to get away.

• The lion reaches into the hole with his paw, gashing the girl's leg.

• The girl stays in the cave until she finally must go back to the river for a drink.

• At the river, the girl loses consciousness.

Chapter 2

• The clan has lost six members and its cave in the earthquake. They are searching for a new home.

• The medicine woman, Iza, finds the girl, unconscious by the river, ignored by the men of the clan.

• As, Iza tends to...

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