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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Freud characterize the artist’s joy in creating, relative to other pleasures?
(a) Less realistic.
(b) Coarser.
(c) More intense.
(d) Finer.

2. When does fate lose its power over men, according to Freud?
(a) When man takes pleasure from mental work.
(b) When man takes pleasure from self-renunciation.
(c) When man takes pleasure from religious feelings.
(d) When man takes physical pleasure from his environment.

3. What paternal quality does Freud attribute to God?
(a) The ability to exceed all attempts at description.
(b) The ability to provide for all of men’s needs.
(c) The ability to understand the needs of the sons of men.
(d) The ability to understand the needs of the sons of men.

4. What supposition does Freud make about this structure’s relationship with the psyche?
(a) That its whole history still exists at once.
(b) That even its present structure is already a ruins.
(c) That a person could decide which layers of history to see.
(d) That its whole past has vanished except for the living moment.

5. What does Freud say is the best way to escape from discomfort?
(a) By taming nature through science.
(b) By removing all temptations.
(c) By escaping from the society into solitude.
(d) By fulfilling all desires.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Freud say we act like, when we substitute a wish-fulfillment for an unbearable aspect of the world?

2. How does Freud ultimately characterize his friend’s religious feeling?

3. When does Freud say we are most susceptible to suffering?

4. What does Freud say a psychologist is in danger of forgetting?

5. What kinds of examples does Freud offer as examples of modern progress?

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